Is Grapefruit Seed Extract Safe to Use For Nail Fungus?

Nail fungal infections can wreak havoc on your nails. Symptoms typically include nail discoloration and thickening, along with overall deterioration of the nail that causes unsightly crumbling of the outer layer. These infections are stubborn – in fact, they are considered a chronic ailment. It’s not something that you can “ride out” and wait for your body to heal on its own. You will need to intervene and seek treatment as soon as you notice any symptoms. If you leave a nail fungal infection untreated for a long period of time, it will be that much more work on your part to rid yourself of the infection. There are some folks that believe that the application of grapefruit seed extract to infected nails is one possible method of treating nail fungus.

Does Grapefruit Seed Extract Contain Nail Fungus Fighting Properties?

Grapefruit seed extract, in its purest form, consists of grapefruit seeds and pulp. However, it must be noted that there are some grapefruit seed extract products in the marketplace that are less pure and contain potentially dangerous chemicals. One of the dangerous chemicals that is sometimes added to grapefruit seed extract supplements is benzethonim chloride. This chemical has the potential to cause convulsions in the body and affects its ability to metabolize drugs, and when combined with other prescription medications, can lead to serious and dangerous drug interactions. While it is safer to use grapefruit seed extract topically, rather than orally, you are still not 100% safe from the side effects of the added chemicals. They can still seep into the bloodstream through the pores on the skin.

In actuality, it seems the added chemicals contain the nail fungus fighting properties, rather than the natural properties of the grapefruit. In 1999, a study conducted by the German Institute of Pharmacy tested six commercial grapefruit seed extract products. Five of the products were found to contain agents capable of fighting nail fungus – the only product that didn’t seem to contain any fungus fighting properties consisted of pure grapefruit seed extract. Therefore, it can be said that it is ineffective to treat nail fungus infections with pure grapefruit seed extract, and potentially dangerous to treat them with a grapefruit seed extract supplement that contains added chemicals. There are a number of other safe and effective nail fungus treatments readily available to help you fight nail fungus. These treatments are generally low-cost and easy to apply. Consider one of these alternatives that have been proven effective by many individuals in your same situation.



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