Can Bleach Kill Nail Fungus?

Most people that try to use bleach as a nail fungus remedy rationalize that because bleach is strong enough to kill bacteria and other fungus on most surfaces, it will be most certainly perform equally as well when it comes to nail fungus. While this thought process may seem to make sense, these folks are missing one crucial point: nail fungus resides underneath the nail – it’s not on the surface – and bleach is not a good penetrant.

Kill Nail Fungus at its Source!

In order to kill nail fungus, the nail fungus treatment must be able to reach the nail fungus at its source. Applying a bleach solution to the affected nails may bleach the discoloration or yellow color form the nails. However, don’t be fooled; this does not mean that the fungus is gone – it merely means that the surface of your nails have been bleached white. Bleach doesn’t penetrate the nail deeply enough to reach the nail fungus, so it is not considered an effective nail fungus cure.

Several OTC nail fungus treatments that can penetrate the nail and attack the nail fungus at its source are available online. One of these is PurNail, which is  a topical treatment that has been tested for its safety and effectiveness. PurNail’s solution is applied to the affected nails twice a day, and most folks see results anywhere from several weeks to several months.



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