Advanced Stage Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Most folks understand the basic symptoms of nail fungus. These typically include discoloration/yellowing of the nail, along with increased sensitivity, thickening, and overall weakening of the nail. Hopefully, you will take action upon seeing these beginning symptoms and apply a nail fungus cure immediately. Of course, not all therapies react the same with all individuals, so you will need to continue to monitor your nails even after you commence treatment.

Don't Let Nail Fungus Reach Advanced Stages

The following are considered advanced stage symptoms of nail fungus. If you notice any of these changes in your nails, you must visit your physician, change your course of treatment, or in case you were ignoring the issues and hoping the fungus would go away on its own, begin a safe and effective nail fungus treatment immediately.

Nail Fungus Advanced Stage Symptoms:

  • Nail separation from the nail bed (exposing the skin underneath)
  • Pus
  • Musty odor
  • Severe crumbling of the nail
  • Complete detachment of the nail

The most extreme characteristic, of course, is complete detachment of the nail. Some folks misread this symptom and believe that it simply means they are rid of the fungus-riddled nail, and expect a healthy nail to grow in. However, this is incorrect. In the most advanced stage of a nail fungal infection, the nail will fall off completely, regrow, and repeat the cycle of fungus infection.

In truth, you never want to reach these advanced stages. To avoid this, you must act quickly with a reliable nail fungus treatment as soon as you notice the beginning stages of nail fungus. Best of luck to you!



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