Cornmeal for Toenail Fungus?

Many folks have suggested a wide assortment of home remedies for fighting toenail fungus – everything from baking soda and vinegar to tea tree oil and bleach.

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One of the more obscure remedies involves using cornmeal.

Has Cornmeal Worked for Toenail Fungus?Has Cornmeal Worked for Toenail Fungus?








There are two ways of using cornmeal as a toenail fungus treatment:

  1. Cornmeal paste: Cover the affected area with a cornmeal paste for one hour a day, for anywhere from seven to ten days.
  2. Cornmeal soak: Create a cornmeal and warm water mixture and soak your feet for one hour a day, for several days (until you see improvement).

To understand the possible effectiveness of this home remedy, you must understand that there is a fungus named “trichoderma” that is known to grow on cornmeal. This fungus commonly attacks and destroys other non-beneficial fungi. Therefore, it is reasoned that cornmeal could help fight toenail fungus (which is not a type of “beneficial” fungus).

As with all home remedies, remember that everyone is different and something that may prove helpful to someone else may not necessarily work for you. Be consistent with the remedy for the suggested length of time in order to give yourself the best chance at resolving this problem.

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