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If you have a fungal fingernail or toenail infection (onychomycosis), it may well seem logical that you should just drop by the nearest pharmacy and purchase a tube of over-the-counter (OTC) nail fungus cream as a nail fungus treatment. After all, that strategy typically works for other superficial skin disease – an OTC antibiotic ointment or antiseptic liquid typically does the trick. With a fungal nail infection, on the other hand, it’s usually not that easy. Nail fungus cream is certainly readily available, and people have been purchasing it for a long time, but although it functions very well on fungal skin infections, it doesn’t have a good reputation for clearing up onychomycosis.

Is a Cream for Nail Fungus Effective?

Antifungal cream simply doesn’t work because it sits on top of the nail, whereas the fungus is growing inside the nail bed, protected from the treatment by a thick layer of fingernail or toenail. The medication is outside and the infection is inside – so it can’t properly attack the source of the infection. Despite this logical reasoning, however, it should be mentioned that in certain circumstances, an OTC nail fungus cream may perhaps clear up some of the symptoms.

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There are several things you can do to try to help the lotion to penetrate the nail bed. For instance, you could soak the infected hand or foot to soften the thick nail. Then, use a file or emery board to gently file away some of the thickness and get rid of any loose or disintegrating areas. This won’t only get rid of some of the fungal growth, it will also get rid of a few of some of the nail layers that would otherwise not allow an antifungal lotion to penetrate the infected area. Apply the nail fungus treatment to the softened, filed nail liberally and often.

No More Nail Fungus with PurNail

Another method to boost the effectiveness of anti-fungal cream would be to combine it with another remedy. A doctor may prescribe prescription tablets that you can take orally  which attack fungus internally. However, these strong medicines typically have significant side effects, so your doctor will need to determine whether you are a proper candidate for these types of drugs. Alternatively, you may find other natural topical remedies available online, without prescription. Many of these treatments are effective and low in cost. You may want to do your online research to find such a natural nail fungus treatment.



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